Wild Idea Buffalo Snack Bites 4oz

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Proudly made in Rapid City, South Dakota! We've been hard at work to produce the best tasting and most healthy meat sticks on the market. These Wild Idea Buffalo Snack Bites are perfect for an after school snack or anytime that you need or want a healthy and tasty snack. The original Buffalo Snack Bites (total package weight - 4 oz.). *Product should be kept refrigerated after opening.

  • 100% Grass-Fed/Grass-Finished
  • 100% Humanely Field Harvested
  • 100% Antibiotic & Hormone Free 
  • 100% GMO Free


Wild Idea Buffalo Company’s Mission is to regenerate the prairie grasslands, while improving our environment and our food supply by bringing back the buffalo.


Carbon sequestration is key in environmental health. Wild Idea Buffalo Company and affiliated ranches positively impact over 300,000 acres of grasslands, which sequesters tons of carbon!