TeableSpoon XL6


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Looking to simplify your cooking and reduce your drawer clutter? TeableSpoon is a wooden spoon with built-in measurement! Each TeableSpoon has measurements for a tablespoon and teaspoon hollowed into the spoon. As an added benefit, the hanging hole is also sized to fit one serving-size of pasta! Simplify your cooking with these features: 1) Stirring spoon 2) Teaspoon measurement 3) Tablespoon measurement 4) Muddler 5) Pasta serving-size measurement

TeableSpoon can help you measure liquids like vanilla extract, spices like salt, pepper, oregano, even loose ingredients like flour and sugar. You can assemble your recipe, then use the same spoon to make your meal! Your cooking will be more efficient and enjoyable! This is the 6th generation TeableSpoon. We have refined and improved the product through every iteration of customer feedback.