Original Credit Card Tool


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This clever titanium credit card multi-tool from Gentlemen's Hardware combines an array of handy implements in one credit-card-sized solution. With 15 tools - including a can opener, a knife blade, a screwdriver, a ruler, 2 position wrenches, a bottle opener, a butterfly wrench, a saw blade, and a direction ancillary indication - you'll always have what you need for the job.

Presented in a vintage-style Gentlemen's Hardware mini tin, this is a perfectly inexpensive, ideal gadget to give as a gift for any handy friend or relative. These tools were engineered to be elegant and tough for all the handy men out there.

This has a durable stainless-steel fabrication that will prevent the tool from breaking or bending. Since this credit card tool comes in the size of an actual credit card, you can easily tuck this tool away with the rest of your personal belongings and then whip it right out when you need it for those unforeseeable emergencies!