No Beginnings Artist Print

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11x17 archival paper print of No Beginnings.

No Beginnings is a bottle art painting for Sapwood Cellars - Columbia, MD

The painting is a abstract work portraying the flavors and ingredients of the brew.

It started as our House Saison, but through the magic of time, Brettanomyces, and Sauvignon Blanc barrels became something fruity, funky, and wonderful. While many of our future blends will be acidic, fruited, or dry-hopped, we wanted our first release to show off the beautiful white wine aromatics from the barrels with subtle hay, mineral, and lemon characteristics from fermentation and aging. Despite being a start to something, this is just the next step for us. From brewing wild ales at home in 2006 to starting the house culture in 2014, this beer isn’t the beginning, but it is a beginning.