Farmer's Best - Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

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NEW: Farmer's Best Maple Craft Syrup is traditionally boiled, slowly, over an open flame, in a single small batch, on a family farm in Vermont. It is never blended, and it is never flash-cooked with steam in a factory setting. We taste each batch before bottling (it's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it!) and this grade a dark maple syrup with robust taste is the very best of the best. Its the stuff we share with our closest friends and family. Enjoy Farmer's Best Maple Craft Syrup over ice cream, cake, fruit, etc. Use it to marinade or as a glaze for salmon and other proteins or veggies. Mix it in cocktails, coffee and tea. And of course, use it elevate all of your breakfast favorites. Maple syrup has an indefinite shelf life when stored properly. All Maple Craft Syrups include a three-year "Best By" date.