Hot Toddy - Cocktail Syrup

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It's Like Putting on Your Favorite Sweater! Give your customers the hug they’re missing this year. Give them Bootblack Brand Spiced Honey Hot Toddy Syrup! Warm Cinnamon and Spice along with the comfort of Honey and Lemon will make Bootblack Brand their go-to this season. This is a versatile cocktail syrup. Make riffs on Hot Toddys to an amazing Old Fashioned or an incredible take on a Bees Knees. DEMAND BETTER COCKTAILS • DEMAND BOOTBLACK BRAND INGREDIENTS: Pure cane sugar, filtered water,honey, tea leaves (Irish Breakfast), cinnamon, star anise, ginger, whole black peppercorn, malic acid, pure lemon extract (alcohol, natural oil of lemon, water) 8oz/236ml