FREEZE DRIED USA Now and Later Candy (4 oz)

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Your favorite childhood candy is recreated with these freeze dried Now and Laters. Crunchy freeze-dried Now and Laters are the treat you never knew you needed but will instantly love! * FREEZE DRIED NOW AND LATER CANDY Now and Later is a classic candy that we all grew up with and enjoyed. With this unique package of freeze dried Now and Laters, you will get to try cherry, strawberry, sour apple, and banana. We originally introduced this candy for a limited time, but it immediately became a best seller! * HAPPINESS GUARANTEED Here at Freeze Dried USA, our team’s top priorities are high-quality candy, customer satisfaction, and professional customer care. For this reason, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your Freeze Dried USA purchase, simply save the unused portion, together with your proof of purchase, and call or email us. WHAT’S INSIDE 1 x Package Freeze-Dried Now & Laters (4 oz)