First Blush


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First Blush is a bottle art painting for Sapwood Cellars - Columbia, MD

The painting is a abstract work portraying the flavors and ingredients of the brew.

We love working with other breweries, but sometimes it feels like we all have similar ideas. When our friends at Old Westminster Winery & Vineyard (Westminster, MD) had pomace leftover from pressing Chardonnay grapes, we added it to a pale beer and fermented with a combination of our two house wild cultures. A few months later we transferred the beer into Chardonnay barrels with Spanish cedar. Finally giving it a flavor and color boost with whole Cabernet Franc grapes. The result is akin to a Blush or Rosé, with moderate tartness, a light fruitiness of red and white grapes, and zesty grapefruit aromatics from the Spanish cedar.